Why We Design

IFBDesign believes the message matters. What that means is that we put content first in our work. We believe content should drive design. We also believe in a “design thinking” approach to crafting your content to reach your audience in the most effective way possible. We believe in a process that uses art to organize your message and clearly execute it to your audience. This is what Design is.

What We Do

In today's competitive economy it's crucial for businesses, and non-profits to maintain a competitive edge through internet marketing, and professional design.

We have been providing exceptional design, and Internet marketing services to small businesses, non-profits and churches for the past decade, IFB Design's team concentrates on our customers' goals, needs and desires to create web sites, logos, brochures and more.

We have helped hundreds of businesses, and non-profits look professional without breaking the bank. With designs that are: attractive, affordable, effective, and covered with awesome sauce. In short our work delivers maximum results to make your limited budget count. Call 815-713-8137 or email us for a free consultation concerning your project.

Who We Are

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience helping people communicate their message, products, and services through affordable, and attractive design. Our team is uniquely qualified and is passionate, inventive and creative. We want to take your project to the next level.

Owner & Graphic Designer

Ben Smith is an award winning graphic & web designer, that has worked with businesses, churches, and NFPs.


Web Design & SEO

Will founded IFBDesign and has been designing websites for over a decade, and has extensive experience with Joomla, WordPress, and Social Media.


Logos and Illustration

Dave is a gifted illustrator, and logo designer. He can take your brand, and communicate it visually.



Jessica is a talented illustrator, and Graphic designer that has spent many years illustrating children's stories. She also enjoys sketching, and painting, and pretty much any kind of art.