About Us

IFBDesign was started in 2007 as a group of freelancers and in 2013 IFBDesign was reorganized under a sole-proprietorship DBA in Rockford, IL.

We are a creative agency that believes design is a tool for equipping businesses and non-profits with the ability to communicate their brand and message to their audience.

We believe design is a science that can be leveraged for increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. We foster creative design thinking in our clients. We solve problems. We go beyond our client’s initial needs and consider the bigger picture of our client’s organization. We do this “Because the Message Matters.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify our Creator with creative work that is excellent in quality. To achieve the goals of our clients and to go beyond our client’s expectations. We believe what separates IFBDesign from other design firms is that we look at the bigger picture and the long-term goals of our clients solving the immediate needs but also the bigger problems. We love good processes, efficiency, quality, and excellence.

Our Values

We believe that Creativity comes from God the Creator. (IFBDesign is not a ministry, but a for-profit business.)

We value our clients above all else including our own ego. We will try and educate our clients on the best practices of design and the science behind what we do. We will try to demystify the creative process to our clients and include them in that creative process.

We value education. We are constantly learning and developing our skills and we continue to keep up with the latest trends. We use the best software and tools on the market today to deliver a top notch result.

We value long standing design standards. Trends come and go in the design world. But design and art always return to its roots. We are careful to not create designs that are trendy just to be trendy. All styles have their place and purpose.

We believe design has value. Design should always be treated as an investment that can yield results. Our design thinking does not take place just 9-5. Our design work is what we dream about at night. While time is valuable our work is not measured by time. Our value is measured by the results we produce. We believe in helping non-profits missionaries and churches. We are always willing to work within a budget within reason for non-profits, missionaries, and churches.

We believe in going beyond the call of duty and paying close attention to those extra details that no one else notices.

Our Goals

  • Glorify our Creator
  • Solve problems using design
  • Create great work that lasts
  • Go beyond our client’s expectation

Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy begins by answering the question “Why do we Do What We Do?” The answer can be found in our tagline “Because the Message Matters.” For our team here at IFBDesign that has deep meaning. One we believe that the message of hope from our Creator matters. And so anytime we work for churches and ministries we create high-quality professional work that clearly communicates that message.

Also, your company’s message matters. Graphic design is often called graphic communications arts. Your Website and other multi-media are all forms of communicating. We believe that your companies message to your consumers is the most important piece of the design. Too often your organization’s message can get lost in a design. We design to make your message the main point. Good Design is a tool to be used as a vehicle for your brand’s message. Design without this purpose is not design but art. Good quality design is art organized.

Our Team

IFBDesign is a sole-proprietorship company owned and operated by Benjamin Smith. What makes us unique is our network of freelancers who work with us to get your projects done. Ben along with our many networked freelancers have over 50 years of combined experience helping Churches, ministries, and small businesses communicate their message through affordable, and attractive design. Our team is uniquely qualified and is passionate, inventive and creative. We want to take your project to the next level.

Benjamin Smith

I have 10 Years Experience Working with International, National and Local Businesses, Non-Profits, and Churches in areas of brand design, graphics, marketing, consultancy, and web development.

I have extensive experience in multi-media, branding, marketing, graphic, and web design. I also believe that my creativity is a gift from my Creator. When I am not working on a project or enjoying a great cup of coffee then I am spending time with my wife and my two dogs. I also enjoy music and play the piano, harmonica, and viola, and playing games.

My life goals are to use my talents to improve organizations and the lives of the people around me. And ultimately to please my Creator.

Emily Smith

Emily is my wife, and executive assistant and customer relations. She is a friendly and helpful person and will do her best to help you get the information you need. She also enjoys working with children, running races, and working out at the YMCA with her sister.

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