January 12, 2016

How Do You Define Excellence?

For the last year we have been asking our clients to define what excellence means to them.

In 2015 IFBDesign made a major change in our proposal process by adding in a Creative Brief. The first question we ask now is “How Do You Define Excellence?” The results of this have been most interesting. We feel that this definition is important to establishing IFBDesign and our clients on the right footing. IFBDesign believes in excellence and we want to achieve what our clients feel is excellent.

Here are some of your responses:

“Something that is outstanding and exceeds expectations.”

“Excellence is being the best at what is done.”

“Applying 100% effort to the task with integrity.”
” Clean, professional, polished, custom design that is appropriate to the audience with attention to detail.”

“Excellence is performing beyond expectations, and achieving success in your stated goals.”

“Completing the task with integrity.”

Exceeding of expectations and integrity is the most stated definition of excellence in almost all of our client’s responses. And we agree. We want to blow our clients away by going above and beyond to deliver excellent work, and we believe in integrity in both our business practices, but also in the work we produce. Our work is always built on design elements that have been properly obtained or created, and we don’t cut corners.

We will continue to ask this question as we continue to strive to meet our clients expectations of excellence.

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