March 9, 2017

Why do some designers charge more then others?

One of the questions I get asked first in almost every project is “How much is this going to run me?”. The second question I get is usually about the price difference between me and another designer. So why is it that the price of design differs so much from one designer to another? To answer that we must first ask what is the value of design.

Graphic Design is a skill that involves using concepts of art, color, shapes, and styles to help convey a message. It adds practical purpose to art.

Design without purpose is art. Art with purpose is design.

The purpose of design is to solve problems, build trust, tell a story, and move people to conversion. The value of design is calculated by how well it does its job. For example, a website who’s purpose is to get client’s to agree to spend $6,000 to begin a course on becoming a better investor needs a design that is clean, modern and looks trustworthy. Designing it with random colors, fonts, and photo’s will not build trust, but calculating the correct choice of these elements can build trust. That design must also help the content tell a story to sell that $6000 course. And it must walk people through to conversion.

And now the value of that website design is proven out every time a customer converts and spends the $6,000 on the course. But that is not the only value that design brings to the table. Consistency in good design also builds brands and businesses over time and helps shape and create an audience for that business that can have lasting long-term effects on the bottom line of that organization.

Graphic Design is also about problem-solving. It is about solving the problem that many organizations struggle with and that is “how to I get my message out there?”. For most people, these problems start with a perceived need. “I need a brochure.” But we like to ask our clients a more important question and that is “Why do you need a brochure?” “What are you trying to accomplish?”. This will help clarify and make sure we are asking the right questions so we can get the correct results.

Now that you see the value of design is what it brings to the table in solving problems, building trust, telling a story, and moving people to conversion. Let’s talk about why some designers charge more than others.

Most designers charge based on what they feel they bring to the table in value, and how much time they have available. Typically designers who are in high demand will charge more for their time because they have less of it. At IFBDesign we base our cost on the value and experience we bring to the table. Though some designers charge by the hour we charge a flat-rate. We will always be fair in our determination of this cost. Your decision to hire a designer should be based on not just cost, but also the value that the designer has demonstrated they can bring to the table.

Consider this: Design is an investment into improving your organization’s trust and brand experience for your audience.

When you begin to think of design as an investment then you will consider the return on that investment. Does this designer have the skill needed to take me and my organization to the next level? Versus just thinking about how much this is going to run me.

If you have a project we would love to demonstrate ourselves to be a good investment for your organization. Contact us Today.

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