December 12, 2016

How Good Design Adds Value to Your Organization

Investing in Design is an investment into the value of your organization. Graphic Design and other forms of Media is often underestimated in its ability to add value to an organization. It adds value to the overall representation of your products as well as added value to the reputation of your business or non-profit. The design process can generate new ideas and allow you to discover your audience and their needs.

Design can then help you turn ideas into innovative and competitive services that are suitable for your audience. You can also use design to make your everyday processes more efficient and to strengthen your competitive approach.

The benefits of design

Evidence shows that using design improves business performance. Businesses that undervalue the importance of design may be missing vital opportunities.

“The value of art in industry needs no proof at this date. Everywhere in the world manufacturers are giving more attention than ever before to good design.” – Forbes Magazine

Design can bring a range of benefits if used systematically across your organization.

  • Increased reach
  • Improved brand position
  • A greater loyalty of customers
  • A stronger Identity to help you stand out
  • The ability to create new avenues of marketing
  • Efficient launching of products and campaigns
  • Design covers much more than just the outward appearance of projects or the graphic elements of things such as your website, packaging and campaign materials. It plays a part in nearly every aspect of what most organizations do. In some areas, the importance of design is quite obvious – for instance, when a business creates a consistent look across its products, signage, stationery and campaign activities.

“Modern business realizes more and more that it must take into account the demand for good looks, for good design and color in almost every kind of manufactured goods .” – Henry Ford | From the Aug. 1, 1928 issue of Forbes Magazine

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