August 7, 2017

Our Creative Process

The Creative Process

The Process of Bringing Design Solutions to Your Business Problems

Our Process always begins with the question: What is the Problem we are needing to solve? You might think that you only need a brochure or a logo, but for what reason do you need these design pieces? Is it just to look good? Or is there a purpose? That purpose is likely that you need to grow your business, or engage your customers better. That is the problem that design, branding, a good website and more can solve.

But that is not all. Secondarily we need to research that problem. We need to first make sure that is the problem. Unfortunately, many organizations are blind to their own problems. You might think the problem is simply that you need to increase sales, but an outside organization like ours can research and determine that the real problem is that you are not engaging your customers where they are at. So we do research as a part of our process.

Once we have researched and we have discovered what the problem is now we must set about to bring solutions to the table to that problem. This is where we come up with creative ideas and ways to solve the problem. Yes, it might be a logo, but more than that you might need a complete rebrand, or more than just a website, but a website designed to capture leads and move people towards a buying decision.

Once we have settled on the right ideas we then move into the creation of those ideas. This is the part that may include multiple revisions as we collaborate with our clients and come up with the right solution that everyone is happy with.

Then finally we launch the project and follow-up to track its success. That is our process from start to finish.

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