YouTube Channel Branding Services

We bring our many years of experience in branding to the YouTube platform.We can create a brand experience for the viewers of your YouTube Channel will keep them coming back for more videos and convert them to subscribers. A branding experience that can make your channel stand out among the many YouTube Channels available and help build the
subscriber base and following.

Our brand packages include creating a logo mark and other aesthetics that reflect the right brand message to help
create a consistent visual look that promotes growth and influence. Branding is an investment in growth and awareness.


Some think that branding is a logo. Some think its certain colors. Or perhaps its the slogan.
Branding includes all of these things, but ultimately branding is “the experience that your
viewers walk away with from your channel.”

Experience is what drives viewers to become repeat viewers and eventually become
subscribers. A good brand experience is enabled by the colors, the logo, the slogan, the music,
the introduction, etc.

We propose to create a brand package that begins with research and development to determine
what is the brand experience we want to portray. To make sure we are asking all the right
questions and to approach branding with problem-solving techniques.

We will help you create not just the visual look for your brand through a logo and other important
brand pieces, but also help create the meaning behind that look.

We can also help you develop a brand strategy that will give you a path to promoting and
maintaining brand awareness in your community. We will also give you the tools to perpetuate
your brand in anything that you do to advertise and promote your channel.


IFBDesign has a decade of experience branding everything from churches to non-profits to
small businesses and big businesses. And now we are bringing that expertise to the YouTube
landscape. We think that with the right brand experience and brand strategy any channel can
grow big. Here is a break down of the Process.

1. Discovery – In the discovery phase, we take the time to research further into your brand and
discover what sets you apart and what makes it different. This may involve some additional

2. Brand Development – We begin to lay out some truths concerning your brand. The tone, and
feeling that we want the brand to convey.

3. Creating the pieces – We will create the channel logo and all the channel artwork needed as
well as social profile pieces. We will create a video introduction that includes the logo. We
use copyright free music for that intro. (Some Pieces may require attribution.)

4. A Brief Branding Guide – We will summarize everything that we created a single PDF
that can be used as a guide to propagating your new brand.

The value of our services varies from channel to channel. To help us determine the value we use
YouTubes own channel rank breakdown as a base for our pricing structure.